303 volunteers … 912 mission and outreach projects … $2.8 million funded globally.

Hey, we’re open! Why not stop on by?


God’s Goods is a Christ-centered store that provides usable goods to the people of our community at a reasonable price, assists people in need with pass-through goods, and supports Christian outreach ministries.

  • We are a non-profit Christian ministry.

  • Opened July 31, 2010, at a previous location in Sheridan Park.

  • In September 2016, the Lord blessed us with our present location.

  • Proceeds support the church’s missionary activities throughout the community and the world.

  • ​​​No salaries, just volunteers – nearly 340 of them!

God’s Goods offers a wide variety of used clothing, electronics, housewares, toys, linens, and furniture at low prices. All merchandise – donated primarily by members of the Bluffton, Okatie, and Hilton Head Island communities – is examined and tested before it is offered for sale. Pickup service is provided at no cost to donors. Delivery service is also provided at a modest cost.


When you volunteer or donate your used items to God’s Goods, you become part of a force for good that extends beyond our walls to positively impact the lives of people, families, and communities locally, regionally, and globally.

“Most of my memories of this special place are of someone just needing a smile, a hug, a handshake, a quiet prayer. To customers and volunteers alike, God’s Goods offers that safe haven in the midst of a storm.”

Linda Wakefield • Volunteer

“I really believe that God sent me to volunteer at God’s Goods. I have met some of the most wonderful people at the store including other volunteers and customers.”

Malita Martin • Volunteer

“The friends I have made and the God moments I have experienced have blessed my life in more ways than I can count.”

Karen Acker • Volunteer

“Bottom line, God’s Goods Thrift Store exists only through the grace of God. Because of Him, funds are sent to help many causes locally, nationally, and globally. The store is now a community.”

Sally Hoag • Volunteer

“This began a new ministry and purpose for John and me. He takes the golf clubs donated to God’s Goods, cleans them up and puts them into sets. Then…off we go to the Marine base. What a blessing to both the McKinlays and our very special Marines.”

Sue McKinlay • Volunteer

“God’s love is shown in just the ways volunteers respond to the customers in the store. Always extending their hand to someone who needs help. They are not being nice to make a sale, but to show God’s love.”

Ted Favata • Volunteer

“I love the name of the store. If anything were perfect in this world, that would be it because we are all God’s Goods – customers, volunteers and all who benefit from this ministry.”

Jayne Stief • Volunteer

“I have to admit the biggest blessing through God’s store was not what I thought it would be. Going in I thought about all the funds that could be raised for mission work. The surprise and biggest blessing has turned out to be the people our store is touching. Each and every volunteer who has served God (many are still serving from day one) would most likely agree that it has become a home and refuge for healing, a place to meet friends and to feel the power of Christ in all we do.”

Kim Perri • Ministry Leader

“I am heartened when I hear about the many people we have been able to help throughout our community by donating things to those who are in need. Also, it is great to see that God’s Goods can help missions and others around the world. In the end, I found that I got so much more back from being in this ministry than I was able to put in.”

Dick Whitney • Volunteer